• Fully qualified
    Anyone can call themselves an Accountant even if they have no formal qualifications. Unlike many of our competitors, all our senior personnel are fully qualified CPA Accountants and you’ll get the highest standard of professional advice from us.

  • Expertise and experience
    We’ve been advising contractors since 1998 and during this time we’ve developed a wealth of experience and knowledge. It is difficult to compare our technical knowledge to that of an accountant who has never advised a contractor.

  • Proven track record
    Since 1998 hundreds of contractors have chosen us to act for them and we have built up a proven track record of ensuring our clients maximise their take home pay. The overwhelming majority of our new clients come from referrals and James Dillane & Associates remains proud of its continuing client satisfaction levels.

  • Individually tailored solutions
    Some of our competitors believe there is only one way to contract. We, however, don’t operate a one size fits all approach; instead we treat every client individually and we’ll identify the service which best suits them. Each contracting option has its own merits and the correct option depends on the circumstances relating to your personal case.

  • Value for money
    Our fees are structured in such a way as to remain competitive, but more importantly to enable us to provide a premium level of service.

  • No hidden charges
    Unlike some of our competitors we are upfront about all our charges and you will never receive an unexpected bill from us.

  • Customer service
    We pride ourselves on our unrivalled level of service and quality of advice. Unlike with some of our competitors, you can rest assured that there will be someone at the end of the phone should you have a problem or query.

  • Single point of contact
    Our policy of recruiting accountants experienced in the contracting market means your adviser will be perfectly able to professionally deal with all your requirements. This single point of contact, assisted by their respective team, will remain with you throughout your contracting career.

  • Full compliance with current legislation
    At James Dillane & Associates we work with the current legislation to ensure that each and every client minimises their tax burden and maximises their disposable income. Ensuring compliance with the legislation is a tortuous affair and we have spent a great deal of time and effort to ensure that our clients comply with all relevant legislation, safeguarding their interests and providing peace of mind.

  • Ahead of the field
    We are continually looking at ways to improve our services, ensuring we stay ahead of our competitors and providing our clients with the best possible range of products and services.